The New Eyewear Case!

We Love Eyewear!

We believe your Eyewear case should be as fabulous as your frames.


 The designer of "gwo"  started with one question, 'Where do I place my oversized shades? Her one question lead to many.

  • Have you ever lost your shades?
  • Left your readers?
  • Searched your purse for that cleaning cloth?  
  • Are your tired of those hard cases taking up space in your purse?
  • Do you have scratches from constantly dropping them?

No more!  "Gwo" solves the problems with fashion!


What is "gwo"?

Gwo - is the new haute couture eyewear case.  The purse accessory that doubles as an eyewear case. When not in use it is shaped like a bow & attaches to your purse with ease.  

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Our goal is you.