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Are you a #gwogirl?

Gwo bows are unique sunglass cases. 

What is Gwo?


Gwo is a woman owned sunglass case company that started with a mother and daughter team. It all began with a phone call and fashion. Like many women we are busy with family, school, work and somewhat of a social life.  And whether we dress up or dress down we still like to rock a pair of shades or some eyewear. So, why not have a case to match your sense of fashion?


What makes us different? 


Most cases are big, bulky and lost in the bottom of your purse. What good is that when you want quick access? No good. Not good at all. So, we created a simple, easy to use sunglass case that not only hold your shades, but it also keeps them at your fingertip. You can attach it to your purse, your pants or slide it on your wrist. Which makes you stand out from the crowd. 



What's the big deal?


The big deal is you know where your sunglasses and reading glasses are, You save money because you didnt lose another pair. You saved even more money because you didn't break another pair. See this is all about you! 



How are we saving the Earth?


Mother Earth is our home and we would like to keep it that way. Our product is sustainable fashion. We use high quallity vegan leather to make our cases. We also reduce waste by offering our customers one case for multiple sizes and shapes of eyewear. Our cases can hold shades up to 3 inches in height! In other words...we have you covered.